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We are a family of three - Craig, Corrine and Mali (7).
Craig and I felt as though we were living for our weekends and simply not enjoying the weekly grind at work.

So we sold everything we owned and now '3 will roam' around Australia.

We feel passionately about protecting the natural world that all humanity depend upon and will be consciously managing our waste, our pace and our consumer urges on the trip. 

To find out more about our 'inspiration' for the trip and our 'Conscious Travel' intention click on the links below:

AVAN Golf Tourer 577 2020

Single axle, 18ft family van.

The Avan Golf Tourer was the smallest family van we could find within our budget and is well equipped for off-the-grid travel.

Toyota Hilux SE 2019

To tow the 2 tonne set-up we opted for the 2019 Toyota Hilux SR - 'Yokel'.

'Offroad Tour King' built and installed the canopy.

Drought Breaker front.jpg

21 months

Time on the road


Compost created




Kilometres travelled

Foggy Forest

-currently off grid-

But feel free to get in touch

Thanks for getting in touch

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