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Have you ever felt trapped in the cycle of suburban life? The ground hog of the week to week demand of earning a living, striving for professional & personal 'success', grappling with the demands of life in our fast economy? We surely did!


So we sold our house, became debt free and started planning for a big lap around Australia. We believe this adventure will slow down our lives and give us a clearer picture of what we want out of life from this point forward and give our daughter a taste of the kind of life we want for her.  We are open to whatever comes our way and can't wait to experience this big leap of freedom. We are excited to explore Australia and show our daughter what an incredible place it is.

We have also set ourselves an objective of 'simply living'. This encompasses reducing our use of plastic, minimising food waste and being conscious about everything we consume and throw out.

Corrine de Mestre


Corrine is a nature lover and has spent years studying and working in the natural sciences. She has always dreamt of a trip around Australia, foraging for native food, spotting the local wildlife and really slowing down. She can't wait to learn to play the guitar, pursue her passion for writing and learn to surf.

Craig Bradley


Craig is a keen surfer and ready to leave the ground hog of working life for a live-a-board caravan. A year on the road with his family is exactly what he needs. He can't wait to surf everyday, explore the Australian bush and teach Mali about the natural world.

Mali Bradley


Mali is our 5 year old daughter and started Kindy this year. She got a taste of school before we departed for our 'Big Lap'. Mali loves the outdoors, wildlife spotting, collecting nature art and camping - a perfect mix for the adventure ahead. She can't wait to ride her bike through the forests and live in the caravan.

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